The highest form of ignorance is when you reject something you don't know anything about.

Wayne Dyer (b 1940)
KisMAC can't re-inject Packets

Packets re injection is not an easy thing, so if does not works, don't panic, we are going to troubleshoot the problem.

What is Packets Re-injection?

Imagine that your goal is to force 2 people having a conversation to repeat a specific word at your command, and this as many time as you wish. 
Your Goal is to trigger a response from them, based on a weak keyword in their conversation and force them to repeat as many time as you need.
Each time they repeat, they are giving out little bits of info about themselves. Once you have collected enough bits, you can try to assemble them to get the full info you wanted.    

Some conditions need to be in place in order for you to "interject" successfully.
a) You need to be able to listen to the conversation.
b) They need to be able to hear you.
c)  They need to speak:  If they don't,  you just listen to silence...
d)  You need to be able to speak too
e) You need to be able to impersonate the voice of one of the person speaking: they are not responding to strangers

Without all of those conditions, your attempts will be most likely unsuccessful.

For instance, if they don't speak sentences, but are just saying "hello - hello", it is unlikely that you will hear a keyword.
We have here the case of No Data Packets, but just Beacons (management packets)
The router is broadcasting its name, and that's it.

If you can hear the conversation, because you have great ears, it does not mean that they can ear you too, or, if they speak so faintly that you can't hear them, ditto.
We have here a very weak signal, or a very weak reception on their side.
On the top of that, how loud you can speak will not improve how well you can hear, i.e 1000mW output on your side, over a 40mW output on their side...

Let's troubleshoot packets Re-Injection, in order please ....

1)  You NEED to be able to re-injects packets. 
Airport Cards can't!  Apple Does NOT provide enough info in order to be able to make a driver for the cards.
USB cards are based on their Chipset, and only very few will work. Out of those very few, very few of them are really good. Price has nothing to do with it, hence read the reviews here, or buy a piece of junk: your money, your call.  The only card that I recommend has one GIANT issue: eBay is full of sub-par copies and counterfeit.  I would only buy from an authorized reseller, links provided for US, Canada and all Europe.   You have been kindly warned!

  • That you have the box "Use as primary driver" Checked
  • That you have NOT installed the drivers provided with the CD 
  • That the card can re-inject, perform a test:   ⌘T

Test OK. 
You Can re-inject on all Speed
1 to 54 Mb/s

Test OK
You can only re-inject at speed up to 11Mb/s
Check Signal. Weak signal = lower speed
Check type of WIFI >> b/ ? 

You can NOT re-inject

Check type of ENCRYPTION,  WPA?
You CAN NOT re-inject packets on WPA

 If you have successfully passed the Injection Test,  we can now go to the Tab Network >> Re-Inject Packets.
KisMAC is now trying to capture Weak Frames with IVs in it.
You'll see a "Waiting for Interesting packets" message.

 Do you remember the story at the beginning?
Yes?, ok , KisMAC is just waiting for one of the guys to speak one of the keywords.
If they don't speak, there is not much you can but wait.  Ditto if they speak BS or Gibberish.

  • Check if there is Traffic on the Network. Look for DATA packets. Management Packets (Beacons) are useless for the purpose of Re-injection.
  • Check if there is IV's captured.

The Example above shows a "not so active" network.  This is the dreadful type, just enough traffic to piss you off, not enough to have a rapid capture. You'll have to be patient.
As you can see 614,847 management packet (beacons) and only 25,945 Data Packets and 25,448 IVs.  (the good stuff)  so, 615,902 junk.
Please note that , in this case we have almost as much IV's as Data Packets.
This network is simply "on" but not used a lot,  hence: patience ...
  • You can NOT re-inject packets on WPA's networks. 
  • Re-injection is Stealth, you cannot be detected. (that I am aware of) unless...
  • ...unless When you are successfully Re-injecting, any other computer running KisMAC or capturing on the same network will see the number of IVs flying very high! It means that somebody or something can suspect that something is not right, but it also mean that one computer re-injecting can feed many others.  Play-date anyone?

Warning: You'll be tempted to ask a question or post a comment. You are welcome to do so, but:
First:    I need to know:  Your OS and Version, KisMAC Version  and USB Card and Chipset
I really would like to, but I just can't read your mind.
Second:   Your question has probably been answered in this blog. The search on the top left works very well. 
Third:   I am spending my free time here, hence if you type like a lolcat and/or show an overgrown sens of entitlement and/or do not use the minimum amount of magic words (hello/please/thanks) I will grant you a RTFM&STFW
Otherwise, for the solution(s) to all of your problems, there is always The KisMAC School.  


  1. Hello, I am using Mac OS 10.7.3, I've tried using KisMAC 3.3, 2.99 and 0.21a with a Linksys WUSB54G v.2.

    I cannot seem to be able to reinject packets with neither of the versions I've mentioned before, your help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

    1. the solution is :

  2. Goood morning !

    I have Mac os x 10.6.8
    My Kismac is 0.3.3

    I followed the link you gave on the blog to buy the alfa usb wifi adapter ... and bought it.
    (I'm located in france)

    FRANCE: Alfa AWUS036H 500mW =

    FCC ID : UQ2AWUS036H
    It is 802.11 b and g

    Question 1 : Kismac gets it as RTL8187 but it's sold as RTL8187L ...
    It's bought on amazon, it seemed serious, can you tell me if it's gonna work
    (or work with Kali app) ?

    Cause it cannot inject, I tested injection and tried to reinject packets : not working.
    And I didn't installed any drivers. Just plugged it

    Question 2 : It seems there's a light on the alfa, and the light never turns on when injecting, being plugged, never.
    Doesn't appear in the finder neither.
    But it gets hot.
    Is it normal ?

    Merci beaucoup pour votre travail

  3. Tom,

    Question 1:
    yes, it will work, roughly, same stuff.
    Are you trying to re-inject on a WPA or WPA2?

    Question 2
    The light works WITH the Realtek driver. The LED is not working with the KisMAC driver, as you might have multiple "brand" using the same chipset.
    you can check that the card is working under Sys Profiler, USB. It does not show in Finder.

  4. Thanks for answering so quick.

    I'm cracking WEP.

    I checked, it's recognized by the Sys profiler and by Kismac (I checked in the console)
    The injection test is working fine (all green !).

    Thus, it is theorically working.

    But (sorry)

    When I reinject packets, he gets no response.
    I guess the network is too slow.
    And it's been two days working.
    I got 15 000 IV's
    I have an average signal of 60, more or less.
    It has a speed of 63,3 MiB.

    Worth to wait ? Is there a proporportion of "interesting packets" (the ones that are reinjected) ?

    Thank you again.