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KisMAC Tricks, Hacks and Gotchas

KisMAC Tricks, Hacks and Gotchas

How To Merge KisMAC Files
How to add / merge  IV's 

Adding Multiple KisMAC files together will also add the IV's previously captured, and that's good news.
Either open a previously saved file, or save the .kismac file you are working on, then select File >> Import >> KisMAC file
The files will be concatenated (stitched) together.  As you can see, this file now contains over 15,000 networks.  All IVs previously captured will be added.

By holding the Command Key, you can import multiple files at once.

Result below ;-)  IV's added from multiple captures files.

Don't forget to have the settings on "Keep Everything" or "Keep Weak Frames" or you won't be able to keep the IV's on a saved file.

How To Export To Google Earth
You can export the Data Captured to Google Earth, if you plan to "trace" you'll need a GPS, either built-in or on USB.  I recommend this GPS, from Amazon:  GlobalSat BU-353 Waterproof USB GPS Receiver

Plug the GPS and select /dev/tty/usbserial in the preference pane, under gps.

Don't forget to check "Save Everything" under "Driver"
Once your file has been saved, you can export to Google Earth.

Which USB Card Works the Best?
That's a Gotcha!  USB Cards are defined by their Chipset , i.e RT73, Atheros 5001, Prism2
Some will work, some may work, and some will never work.
Be careful with that! Buying the wrong one means a guaranteed failure
After testing few of them, I was surprised to see that the best one is not the most expensive,  by far, for ~$35 you can get a USB Card that allows, not only to re-inject or perform attacks such as flood, or deauthentication, but also to get a WIFI contact at up to one mile (1.6km)
If you think it's not impressive, try with your Airport alone.
The tests, reviews and links are here: Best USB WLAN Adapter KisMAC Compatible
One last word: I recommend one card, and one card only. The same card is often found on eBay, sold by pseudo "official vendors" I am warning you that copies and fakes are rampant on eBay; This is why I provide the link for one vendor that is known to be safe: I never had one single complain about him.

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