The highest form of ignorance is when you reject something you don't know anything about.

Wayne Dyer (b 1940)

The Kraken has been released!

The Kraken has been released!


Yup, Liam Neeson will have to live in shame for the rest of his life, but besides that...

1,576,213 PMKs per second

What about it?  well, on the exact same machine, with the exact same files ... Aircrack-ng 1.1  is at 1,425 PMK/S
We have here sustained 110,611% faster than Aircrack-ng.
Not 110.611  We mean 110,611.44% exactly
The MasterPassword file V7, ~25M passwords was run under 10 seconds instead of 18 hours.
Second test on a faster machine:
We're going to reach Warp Speed...

39,847,344 PMKs per second....
27,481 times faster than Aircrack-ng, or a 2,747,993% increase in speed.
Yes, that's almost 2.75 million %
Mr Scott, Engage Warp Speed ....

How To: 
1) Install Pyrit CUDA or Pyrit Open CL
2) Get the Precomputed Tables
3) Crack faster than Warp Speed!



  1. where can we get it from

  2. plz elaborate on how you reached this speed please Sir!

  3. Quoted: "Second test on a faster machine"

  4. As Soon as we done computing PMKs. We have about 3.5GB of data, going on 5....
    Now we need cloud space ....
    If you wish to help us, get Dropbox, it's free.
    You'll get 2GB free and each referral earn us 250MB of free space.

  5. when can we get it ?