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Rainbow Tables

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Rainbow Tables / Precomputed Tables
Rainbow Tables are precomputed tables that allow you to attempt to crack a WPA key at Astonishing Speed:

39,847,344 PMK/ Second  (Pairwise Master Key)

Pyrit-CUDA + Precomputed Tables         39,847,344 PMKs/S  (Instant Reading)
Pyrit-CUDA + Precomputed Tables           1,576,213 PMKs/S  (Averaged)
Pyrit-CUDA                                                    ~ 2,700 PMKs/S  
Aircrack-ng 1.1                                               ~ 1,500 PMKs/S 
KisMAC 0.3.3                                                   ~ 600  PMKs/S

In Short:
What I do in 10 sec with Precomputed tables,  you'll it do in 18 hours on Aircrack-ng and 40 hours on KisMAC, Or about  2.75 million % Faster than Aircrack-ng

Precomputed Tables, Rainbow Tables, Space-Time Trade Off :  FYI, It's the same thing!

Why Rainbow Tables? 
Rainbow Tables are "pre-chewed" Pairwise Master Key (4096 Rounds of SHA-1 per PSWD), hence you just have to "compare" Vs. recalculating everything, everytime, for each password tested.   
The example above shows a speed of almost 40 millions Pairwise Master Keys per Second
In simple terms, this is 2.5 millions times faster than KisMAC.

With the Precomputed Rainbow Tables & Pyrit you can:
- Crack a WPA at least 110,000% faster than with Aircrack-ng
- Add Passwords to an existing Table without having to re-compute the entire database of Precomputed PMKs
- Add or Delete ESSID's  in few seconds
- Import unique passwords, ensuring no duplicates
- Create your own and add new passwords
- Re-compute newly added SSID's or Passwords without re-computing everything.

Premium Pyrit CUDA Precomputed WPA Tables

What's included? 
-  A Set of Precomputed Tables ~16,000,000 Passwords From the Master Passwords Attack Dictionary precomputed for the most used 10 SSIDs,    That's about 3.5 GB of data  ( We have a limit on how much we can put on Dropbox and how much you can download per day)

Premium Pyrit CUDA precomputed Tables:  $ 24.99  $14.99

Premium Pyrit Rainbow Table + Crackium Suite
- All of the above plus the Crackium Suite
- about 1 billion passwords, and the ways to turn that into 400 billions if you want to.
A $38 value for $24.99  

  • A "How-To" to expand , modify and tweak your Wordlists
  • Monster Dictionary, a statistical compilation of 50+ passwords heist:  220M passwords
  • Monster lite, for WPA, John The Ripper, Aircrack, KisMAC, HashCat and Crowbar
  • MasterPasswords  Version 7.99  ~25 millions real passwords, plus variations of the most used.
  • All numbers 8ch long  100,000,000 Pwsd. 
  • Ilove.txt    over 1 million most used first name with 22 permutations of  “I love you”  i.e  iluv, ILove, etc    25,523,113 Pwsd
  • A full set of signs !@#$%^&* , 8 ch long , 214,358,888 passwords
  • A full set of SSN #  000-00-0000 to 099-99-9999, modifiable:  100,000,000 Pwsd.
  • A set of most used First names, sorted by occurrence (most used first) 4,347,600 Pwsd
  • A set of most used Last names, sorted by occurrence (most used first) 5,369,400 Pwsd
  • A set of the most used Fnames and Lnames, formatted lower, Proper, UPPER. 
  • A full set of phone numbers,   pre-made to easily create your own list in minutes:  1 Format   (XXX) 00-0000 to (XXX) 99-9999      8,960,000 Pwsd + 1 Format    XXX 00-0000 to  XXX 99-9999         8,960,000 Pwsd +  1 file with all phone numbers, all areas for NY (NYPH.txt)  116,480,011 Pwsd,  modifiable to all areas.
With  the How-To PDF,  you can create all formats needed with all correct prefixes for your area.
Note: This is 2 different downloads, one download for the Precomputed Tables, One Download for the Crakium Suite. 

Why use Precomputed Tables? 
Bruteforcing a WPA is a long process: Each time you perform an attack you re-compute the same pairwise mater keys over and over again; in simple terms, you rebuild the entire house each time you ring the bell.
Attacking WPA by brute-force is pushing the equivalent 1 megabyte of data per PMK trough the CPU.
1500 PMKs/second  is equivalent of hashing 1,572,864,000 bytes per seconds. And you wondered why the CPU was churning @ 100% capacity?  That's 1.46 GB per second.... on a DualCore...
With Precomputed Tables, all the tedious work has been done before, now you're feeding "pure" pre-hashed data... that's like Turbo Warp Mode:  10 Seconds to go trough 15 million passwords instead of 18 hrs.
An UberGeek has linked 16 GeForce 8800 GT and reached about 749 Gigabit of data processed every second. The speed on non-precomputed tables ("regular crack") was 89,300PMK/S, hence we can estimate a speed of about 100,000,000 PMKs/s on precomputed tables

Cracking Speed Achievable (Sustained & Averaged)
 -  Dual Core 2.5 GhZ + Nvidia GeForce  8600M GT + Precomputed Tables
1,500,000 PMKs/S    ( about 110000% faster than Aircrack )
- Quad Core 2.5 GhZ + Nvidia GeForce  GeForce GT 330M + Precomputed Tables
 2,750,000 PMKs/S

Cracking Speed Achievable (Instant Reading)
-  Dual Core 2.5 GhZ + Nvidia GeForce  8600M GT + Precomputed Tables
 39,847,344 PMKs/S  ( about 2,500,000% faster than Aircrack )
 - Quad Core 2.5 GhZ + Nvidia GeForce  GeForce GT 330M + Precomputed Tables
 53,662,947 PMKs/S  

You NEED Pyrit or Pyrit-CUDA to achieve those speeds, You can install Pyrit (free) as explained here:

Pyrit-CUDA will consume 100% of your resources, don't attempt to surf the web or play a game while running Pyrit-CUDA, Nevertheless: As the running speed of Pyrit CUDA on Precomputed Tables is so short, you should not have to wait more than 5 minutes for an answer.


  1. I can see hidden folders but I dont see where ".pyrit" can be. It isn't in pyrit-read-only or any of its subfolders. Is it in a library someplace deeper in OSX?

    1. Support is provided via the email used to send you the files.

  2. Still selling? I am asking because this is 2 years old.

    1. Yes.
      " I am asking because this is 2 years old."
      Unfortunately, the human brain has not evolved very much in the past 20 years: The same old passwords are still used today.