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Das KALI App

 It's here ... finally ...

The KALI apps allows you to use the best of both world:  With KisMAC and/or Realtek Utility
on all OSX: from Snow Leopard to Lion. (10.6.x - 10.7.x )
Does not work on 10.9 or 10.10.   For 10.9 and above, you'll have to use a Bootable USB with either 10.6.8, 10.7 or 10.8

Until now, it was either KisMAC or Realtek on Snow Leopard.  On Lion it was none...
That is, until now ...
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How to proceed:

1) Choose your Card   i.e  AWUS036H, or -036NH.  For the NH, read the FAQ below.
1a) Don't send a report with no card selected
1b) For Airport , ditto, please  read the FAQ: Airport does not allow any active attack.
2) Run the Report , send us the report (Automagically filled out on Mac Mail). The Report is MANDATORY.
3) WE'LL CONFIRM with the report generated based on your configuration.   Know before you buy!
Do NOT buy before you have received our confirmation.   The Report is MANDATORY.
4) Airport won't work, no need to send a report unless you have an Alfa
5) No Hackintosh 


Each App is tailor-made based on your System Configuration (Thank you Apple!)
We can not make it work for all systems from scratch, We NEED to tweak the App based on your configuration!
☞ Each app is made based on your config! It's NOT instantaneous. There is a delay! Please be a little patient :-)
☞ What's the Merwin Option?
The Merwin Free Animal Clinic is a NON PROFIT Free Animal Clinic. They are poor,  but they do good: They provide the greater Boston area with free veterinarian services for Students or lower income people. If you can spare a buck or two for them, that would be excellent for your Karma. A part of proceed from Kali App goes to them. As a rule of thumb, being generous is always good. For you. (in so many ways...)
If you don't trust us, you can donate directly to them.

Alfa AWUS036H   +  OSX 10.6. To 10.7.x
Alfa Tube-U (G)    +  OSX 10.6. To 10.7.x
 Kali 036H3.2 New and improved!

Kali 036H3.2

  • Read the FAQ!! Send the report first
OSX  10.6 to 10.7+, all-in-one
Nuke-It troubleshooter

Alfa AWUSO36NH  +  OSX 10.7.x

Kali 036NH For Alfa AWUS036NH only

The Alfa AWUS036NH is not KisMAC Compatible
NOT Mountain Lion (10.8) compatible
 For a KisMAC compatible card Go HERE


The NHR has (up to) 2000mW of transmit power, one of the most powerful card on the market.
33dBm EIRP + Add the antenna gain (5,9 or 12dBm)
Special long-range, Camping, Boating, RV, etc .
The Reception Quality is AMAZING!
Look below for the drivers (free) including 10.7
The Alfa AWUS036NHR is not KisMAC Compatible
 For a KisMAC compatible card Go HERE

Alfa Drivers for Mac
Realtek / Ralink WLAN utility
Do NOT use the mini CD or it will get stuck ....
All drivers are provided "as is". (C) of their respective owner(s)
Do NOT install the drivers if you use KisMAC unless you have the Kali app

Alfa AWUS036H Mac Drivers

Realtek Uninstaller App  (Kali Made) 
 10.4 to 10.6.7             Working
10.6.8 to 10.7+           May not work without Kali app
10.6.8 on MBP 8.1+  May not work without Kali app 
Check if it will work:  Run the Report Generator

Alfa AWUS036NH Mac Drivers

10.4 to 10.6.7       Working
10.6.8 to 10.7+     May not work without Kali app.
Check if it will work:  Run the Report Generator

Alfa AWUS036NHR Mac Drivers For Lion 10.7
MAC OSX 10.7 (UI ver.1.9.7)

Found a bug? 
don't keep it,  share it with us (Re-Captcha)

  Read This! 
Update August 2012
KisMAC Trunk r407 has been released
This trunk fixes some of the issues with Lion 10.7+ and 10.8
Airport Passive Mode is still not working but you may/can use an USB adapter with it (WLAN)
this is a temporary fix and you use KisMAC r407 at your own risk(s)
Please report to Kismac-ng for any other info.

If you still need/want to use your Alfa 036h/Realtek without KisMAC, then keep on reading...

- You CANNOT use the card 036H with KisMAC and  the Realtek Utility at the same time!  It's one or the other.  Just as you can not use Airport on 2 different networks at the same time. We can't split the card physically in two. We've tried to slice them, alas, it breaks them. ;-)
- You CAN use them on one OR the other.  Just not at the same time
- The Realtek App must be installed or un-installed properly! If you have previously installed and just trashed the Realtek App, some files were left behind. --> Use the UNinstaller provided in the Package then re-install accordingly to the instructions.   
Alfa AWUS036H  is KisMAC Compatible, but if you install the Realtek Utility, you can not use the card with KisMAC, It's too bad, because using the Alfa increase drastically the quality of your internet connection. Try to get a 3000ft connection with Airport ...  The  KALI App allow you to use the best of both world.
->>>  Alfa AWUS036NH & NHR are not KisMAC Compatible  <<<-
->>>   Airport does not allow for re-injection or active attacks, and it won't simply not work. We recommend the Alfa card as detailed on "Best KisMAC compatible Wi-Fi card". We've tried a bunch and always go back the Alfa. 
->>> Kali App is licensed to you only, one user, one computer.  You can not "lend it to friends" or "pass it along" 
->>>  Not working on Mountain Lion. 

 The App allow you to use the Realtek Utility Application /  Ralink WLAN on both OSX 10.6.8 and 10.7 Lion and thus get a much better connection than with your Airport alone.  This is for 036H and 036NH only. For NHR the Drivers are free and provided above.

Install and Demo

Very simple:  
Nice people that give $1 to Merwin Free Animal Clinic will get 1 update. 
Generous people that give $2 to Merwin Free Animal Clinic will get 2 updates.  
Very Nice & Generous people that give $3 to Merwin Free Animal Clinic will get 3 updates, VIP support, including on-screen sharing.

User Questions Answered:
Scottie boy said...
Once installed, will my airport card built into my MacBook air work like normal still? I've bought the alpha awus036h to tinker around with kismac. Want to test my own wpa2 protected airport extreme... Anyway, when I'm done with the alpha is it easy to revert to the airport card? Or can they work side by side? I noted when using the airport in monitor mode (passive) you have no means to continue with safari. Clearly airport can't do both at once. I see in your read me file it says with Kali you can do both... Is that with alpha doing kismac and airport doing wifi/safari? Or alpha/Kali doing both?Thanks in advance! I'm running Lion 10.7.2 by the way! Scott
Admin said...
- Scott, Yes, Kali does not interfere with your Airport. When you will use your Airport with KisMAC on PASSIVE Mode You will see the menu bar icon changing. It's called "rfmon".You'll basically go from "talk and listen" to "listen only", that's why your internet connection stop working for Safari or surfing the web: You can't talk anymore. With Kali and Realtek App, you can have the Alfa AWUS036H connected to the internet (WLAN) and KisMAC on Passive Mode, hence have both working side by side. What you can NOT do is having KisMAC using the Alfa AND trying to use the Realtek App at the same time, just as you can not have 2 simultaneous different connections with Airport

Why Do You Need My IP In The Report?
"I don't feel comfortable sharing that with you" 

We don't need your IP, or ISP, you can remove that if you want to.  It's just easier to ask System Profiler to provide info "in bulk" than going trough every single line of it and parse it into a file.
We need some of the info, but not all;  But we also understand your concerns and are somewhat flexible.
On a side note: We've received emails mentioning that some users were concerned about sharing their IP.  Well, in that case, don't send an email, because your IP & ISP are in it. -in clear- ;-)
If you are concerned about your IP,  don't use the Internet. Period.  Good old letter and a stamp.
Also, while reading those words, you've told Google more than you have told your closest friend in a while.. Please, don't get me going on that ....
As a repeat, you erase what you want in the report; If there is not enough in it for us to ensure that Kali can work without having you sending us a bunch of angry emails, we'll just decline. That simple.

- Is it really working?
We'll let you judge yourself ... have you ever seen a laptop with 5 (five) distinct Internet connections ;-)
Alfa 36H, 36NH, 36NHR, Hawking UG1, Airport.  All working at the same time...
The second pic on the right shows the Alfa Utility working with Lion 
Also, on the left.  You see a 92% quality connection from House to House, distant by 155 ft and trough 5 walls, including a closet and a kitchen wall with cabinets in the middle.  Those are US type walls, not 6 feet thick "French Castle" granite walls, but still...  Out of Line of Sight, out of Fresnel zone, 5 walls, 155 feet.
This baby rocks!
Access Point: Airport Extreme,  Receiver Alfa AWUS036NHR 2000mW

How do I know it's not a Virus? or a CrapWare?
A) We don't do that.
B) You have an excellent Free Antivirus For Mac
C) You have read this post where we tell you where you can get one.

Uninstall The Realtek App
-Do not trash "as is" or files will be left behind.
-Use the Uninstaller provided with the drivers package. or use the App we made for that.
Update July 2013.  Our Realtek uninstaller closes the Sudo command with the proper method "-K"  since day one.  A loophole and later metasploit were discovered concerning the sudo command when not closed properly, allowing an attacker to re-use the sudo command without re-entering proper credentials.  We have always closed the sudo command properly!  Kuddos to us :) 

 I has a Broplem!
Just email us, you have the support email don't you?
We'll send you Kali , it test everything we can think of and tells you where the Broplem is.
Kali is reserved to people that have ...

AES 128-bit
A good article about it. Very digest...
AES 256-bit
- Is it really secure?
If you can break it, contact us , we'll make millions ....
FYI, An AES-256 is equivalent to a RSA of more than 13,000 bits! (Arjen Lenstra, Ph.D)

 Alfa AWUS036NHR
It's my new baby:  811 b/g/n and a truly AMAZING quality of reception.  
The transmit power is up to 2000mW, but most of Mac have a limited power supply on the USB. To fully use the 2000mW, you'll need specific drivers only available on Windows.  Nevertheless, With the NHR on Mac, I went trough 5 walls, between 2 houses distant of 155ft and had a 95% quality link.  Airport was DOA with 5%

Alfa Tube-U (G)
A Waterproof Outdoor b/g  equivalent of the Alfa AWUS036H , Great for Boating, RV's, Camping or
Trekking.  Comes with a 16ft / 5meter USB extension.  As many times stated, There is NO LOSS of signal with USB.  This is not the case with Coax cable.