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KisMAC and OS X Lion 10.7, The Solution

KisMAC and OS X Lion 10.7, The Solution
How To make KisMAC Work under OS X Lion

Update August 2012

KisMAC Trunk r407 has been released
This trunk fixes some of the issues with Lion 10.7+ and 10.8
Airport Passive Mode is still not working but you may/can use an USB adapter with it (WLAN)
this is a temporary fix and you use KisMAC r407 at your own risk(s)
Please report to Kismac-ng for any other info.
If you still need/want to use your Alfa 036h/Realtek without KisMAC, then keep on reading...

Apple has changed the API again, hence there will be a flotation time until KisMAC is truly updated for Lion.  In the mean time, if you have tried, you'll have probably noticed a freeze under Passive mode. 
Here is a solution to make KisMAC work under Lion without too much fuss. 
Before we go in highly technical details,  you can give us some luv on FB... yes, you can ... 

So, to make it work, you'll need either some serious Terminal capabilities or the Kali App
The (a) second solution, is to create a bootable USB as explained here:  You have paid for Snow Leopard, keeping a bootable copy on hand can be very useful , i.e you crash your Lion HDD and need to get some files or make a fix.   or use KisMAC ...

Do NOT install the Drivers of the card ( unless you have the Kali App
If you install without Kali App,  the drivers will prevent KisMAC to be able to load its own. 


 Kali App.

*WLAN:  also know as USB cards, etc.  DO NOT buy any type or you'll be sorry.  You NEED a specific one.   The best one is here
Also, as a warning: eBay is full of knock off of this card, they look the same, but if you get one shipped "from the US by a Chinese vendor in HK" You will be sorry. By experience, I only recommend a few handful of vendors. Why?  Because I can connect one mile away. Yes, that's 1,6 km. 
You can also use the card as a second wifi, the signal compared to Airport is about 60% better.  Just that, it makes worth every cents of it.

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  1. Is it possible to make it work with the airport? Sorry if that's a stupid question.

  2. i cant re inject ,i got over 300,000 uniq iv but still doesnt work,
    helpp lol

  3. cant you just do this;
    Go to Applications >> >> Get Info
    Check "Open in 32-bit Mode" and restart.


  5. Where did you get the Music from your vid? Can't shazam it!

  6. Apple >> iMovie >> Projects >> Movie Trailer >> Supernatural.

    Then after, you can "Shazam it"

  7. Thanks Admin! And now a more serious question... Where can I download the Kaili App? Your dropbox says: "509 - This account's public links are generating too much traffic and have been temporarily disabled!" Can't you host it somewhere else? Or am I just not getting this.

  8. Jim,
    we're working on the Dropbox issue.
    Too many people we downl. drivers ...

    read the dropbox part :

  9. what happens if i already installed the realtek app before purchasing Kali? Can I still use the Kali app somehow? Any help would be appreciated.

    1. the alfa drivers come with a uninstall script...

    2. that leaves a security hole. ;-)

  10. do you know of any wireless card that will work for packet injection. i currently have a newer macbook pro and its running lion 10.7 and im wanting to use kismac. i would like to get a wireless card for a good price but still looking for really good quality.

  11. WORKS GR8! THANX!!!!
    I was getting ready to back up my whole system and reinstall SnowLeopard as my re-injection wasn't working. Thanks to your app I didn't have to.
    Also, bought the AWUS036H on your recommendation, a gr8 f*ckn card I must say!
    I still haven't had the chance to test out the password lists I got (crackium).
    Any way to speed up capturing the wpa handshake? I try deauthentication attack which reaveals hidden ssid's, but does not capture handshake :(

  12. DragonBud,
    Thanks for the "f*ckn" cheers ;-)

    Try a Flood.
    The handshake (EAPOL) is captured when the client connect, or re-connect to the AP. Sometimes it can take a bit of time. If the AP is not responding, or is 'protected' against this type of attack, you could be in for some time. For each attack, there is a counter-attack.
    It's a game of cat and mouse. The question is: How smart is the mouse and how patient is the cat?
    If/When you try on your own network, fire KisMAC and connect/disconnect on Airport, that should do it fairly quickly.
    Also, very important: Deauthentication is an active attack and can be detected, in short: you can be revealed

    Alfa: We have made contact with the 036h at 15km distance. GPS verified ;-)

  13. Hi! i saw your kismac tutorial in youtube and because i'm new with this.. I have two questions:

    1- I have OS X 10.8.2. I installed kismac 0.3.3, i didn't install Alfa 036h drivers.. i can scan.. but take me hours to get 200.000 and i can't crack.. stay in a limbo.. what can i do??

    2- I saw in your video that with wap net you used a file.. where do i have to search this file to crack wap nets??

    Please, hope you can help me and sorry if i asked silly things.. . Best regards from spain!

    1. Hola,

      "but take me hours to get 200.000 and i can't crack"
      200.000 what? IV's or packets? for what WPA or WEP?

      "wap net you used a file.."
      WPA, not WAP
      You can use any dictionary file or use the one provided here, on the top left of the blog under "donate"

  14. I'm on 10.8.5 and I"m having issues with the GPS feature using the GPS receiver that you suggested (BU-353). gpsdX gives and error about the EXEC.kext directory during installation and afterwards shows tty.Bluetooth-Serial-1, tty.Bluetooth-Serial-2, and tty.Bluetooth-PDA-Sync but no tty.usbserial. Let me know weather or not you have a solution.

  15. Hello,
    I have no solutions for 10.8+ except a USB Boot under 10.7. If interested, let me know I'll explain

    1. I'm interested to know more about a USB boot under 10.7.


      The post is for 10.6 but the process stays the same for Lion and Mountain Lion

  16. I have a 2012 Mac Mini. I want to use KisMac - do I need any extra hardware - and what would be the best OS X to downgrade to?

    1. 1) which OS do you use now?
      2) you do not "need" extra hardware per se, but that would greatly help. Without it, you are stuck in passive mode, and it can take a very long time. see hardware here:
      10.6.8 or 10.7 are recommended, but KisMAC 2 can work with 10.10 (Yosemite)
      Yosemite does not allow the use of the Alfa AWUS036H as WLAN only.

  17. Thanks for the quick reply - I'm running Yosemite atm. I didn't know there was a KisMac 2 - I thought development had stopped.

    So in a nutshell, installing 10.7 on a separate partition and a suited WiFi Card/USB tool for best results?

    1. "I thought development had stopped."
      >> forked by someone else
      "installing 10.7 on a separate partition"
      >> Or on a bootable USB

  18. So.. for Yosemite, I can use the combination of Alfa AWUS036NHV + KisMac2? Does this combo provide full or only limited capability?

    1. No, you can't use that.
      the Alfa AWUS036NHV has a RTL8188EUS Chipset. This chipset is not KisMac compatible. It will simply not work.