The highest form of ignorance is when you reject something you don't know anything about.

Wayne Dyer (b 1940)

KisMAC School

As of June 9, 2016  we are no longer accepting Paypal 
We will update this page and change the payment methods. 
if you have any question, drop us an email at kismac.x at gmail dot com
Thank you for you patience. 

The KisMAC School
One To One Sessions

The KisMAC School is a  One To One Session to help you sort any issues you may have.
The Session are via iChat on Screen Sharing and Voice, hence we can see what you see. It's like having an expert next to you.  Session are 1hour, generally 45min + 15min Wrap up

You can chose the topics that you want and ask the questions that you want.
Just mention "KisMAC School" and we'll get in touch promptly and set a time/date with you.
USD 24.99    Euro ~17
The most asked topics are the following

KisMAC basic and advanced features
KisMAC Troubleshooting
KisMAC Attacks, WEP & WPA Key Recovery.
KisMAC GPS mapping.
KisMAC tricks and tips 
Aircrack-ng Tutorial, WEP and WPA  cracking:  Includes very large WPA Attack dictionary
Aircrack-ng Installed Natively on your Mac

JTR (John The Ripper)
Wireshark basics (Packets Analyzing & Decryption )


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