The highest form of ignorance is when you reject something you don't know anything about.

Wayne Dyer (b 1940)


Read this carefully: 

You've landed on this page because you've asked a question. Most likely a technical question.
Most likely too, you probably forgot to mention few things:

☞ Your OS (Operating System)
☞ Your OS Version
☞ The software version, i.e KisMAC 0.3.3  or Aircrack-ng 1.1
☞ If you mention a WLAN, USB card, etc , please provide the FCC number and the Chipset. Both are going hand in hand.

If you have mentioned all of the above and have received this link, the probable cause is:
- You've typed your question like a lolcat. If I can't understand, I won't reply.
- Your question was previously answered numerous time,  please look under "Few Tips"
- You have not used the bare minimum etiquette. AKA  "Please" and / or  "Thank you" 
- You have not read a single line or glanced over it without reading.  Try again slowly: your answer is there.
- You have mentioned something illegal.  i.e cracking your neighbor WIFI without any authorization(s). Think again about the possible implications. You may also rephrase your question.
- If you have received a "RTFM&STFW" it's probably because you really exaggerated. You may have succeeded on "All of the above". Congrats!  

If you do not wish to spend time digging, looking and fumbling,  and want to be up to speed in a zap, we have the KisMAC School. One to one session to help you with any issues. 

Few tips: 
There is a search box on the top left of the blog.

Google is your friend, just use the proper delimiters or use the advanced search.
Example:  "Could not instantiate driver"

How not to go about things
If I am in playful mode, it may go like this...

Anonymous said...
Hello, I start scanning and all networks write: SSID ENC TYPE NO lucent tunnel or NO ad-hoc Could you tell me plz what i have to do from the begging because everything that i have read is about WEP or WPA. Thank you,
Anonymous said...
SSID: or ENC:NO TYPE:lucent tunnel or ad-hoc Now it's better.
Admin said...
You are on Windows?
Anonymous said...
Hello again, No i am on mac version 10.6.7 SSID:lucent tunnel or no ssid ENC:no or no TYPE:lucent tunnel or ad-hoc
Admin said...
and you are using backtrack or aircrack?
Anonymous said...
I use apple airport extreme card, passive mode for scanning.
Admin said...
ok, and you use it with? i.e what application
Anonymous said...
Sorry because i am not very good but i am trying and reading around. I use kisMAC as application. I don't know if you mean something else.
Admin said...
KisMAC, the R297 Trunk or another version? We're getting there ....
Anonymous said...
I use KisMAC version 0.3.3(0.3.3). About the trunk i don't know how can i see it. IF you mean device because i see some R... there, i use apple airport extreme card,passive mode. Sorry again for my low knowledge.
Admin said...
"Sorry again for my low knowledge" it has nothing to do with knowledge. Last verification, your screen is on, correct? If yes, how come that you can't see or read the 10 first line of this page? Would you try to read them out loud? Do you understand why? it's a bit like calling a doctor, saying "I am sick" hanging up and then expecting a diagnostic. As for your answer, I'll spend as much time than you have spent reading what was previously written. Answer: leave it alone.

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