The highest form of ignorance is when you reject something you don't know anything about.

Wayne Dyer (b 1940)

Reverse Image Search Engine Mac/Windows

Ever wanted to make a reverse search on a picture?

Original and Differentiated results

Well, I did, for a long time…Why?
If you are a photographer, a painter, a parent, a consumer, or if you are just curious, this may help you beyond your expectation: Jump directly to the paragraph(s) that concern you:

I am a photographer, painter or artist:
Ever wondered if someone is using your work on the web without authorization, or selling it without informing you?

I am a parent:

Ever wondered if your kid’s pictures are posted somewhere where they should not be posted? Or used without your knowledge? Have you ever looked at a Facebook, Myspace or Twitter friend that look too good to be true and wondered if it was a real person or a re-used picture of some un-famous P star wannabe?

I am a consumer:
You want to rent that wonderful beach house: the pictures are beautiful and the deposit is only $50. Real? Re-used? Scam?

I am a friend:
You know that beautiful girl that contacted your best friend on the web? she's real? in real life?

If you have answered yes to at least one question, follow the lead…

That’s it. You’re done!
Either upload a picture, wait 2 seconds, and see the results or use the Firefox Add-on Tool.
The Add on is is my best choice by far: No upload, just click Select Tineye on the drop menu. It cannot be easier than that.

Tineye does not only search the “exact” picture, but it also finds related pictures
such as the example below. You can also try try the widget on side
Example courtesy of TinEye

FireFox Plug in:
Direct access to over a billion images and counting

This picture returned over 990 results

Firefox Plug-in here

So, Bookmark it, Sidebar it, Save it, Download it and forward it, because one day you will need it!

I dedicate my "Wall of Shame" to Tineye
Vivian Chung, my FB friend that wanted me to join your "charity": you've been busted!
Steve: I told you that car collector was a scam: you have saved 25K in 3 seconds! You owe me big time.
Alicia: No I won't marry you! I am married and, beside your fake pictures, I can track an IP: Apalachian Geologist in Nigeria???

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