The highest form of ignorance is when you reject something you don't know anything about.

Wayne Dyer (b 1940)

Macs Are Absolutely Safe


Few months ago I posted a short blog about the false sens of security that most Mac users have.  I've heard thousand time "Mac don't get viruses" or "Mac are not vulnerable"
As always, the best thing ever for a hacker or somebody with not so good intention, is to find an overconfident target.
Understand that ALL security measures can be either: by-passed, tricked, broken or cracked.  It's only a matter of time.
Rule #1:  Computers:  Everything that was done can be undone.
Rule #2:  The more confident you are, the greater is your chance to be a future victim.
Rule #3:  The weakest point on your computer!

Hacking computers or Cracking security by a "direct attack" is getting harder and harder everyday, so red hat hackers and criminals are getting a good help from innocent(?) by-stander like you.
They use your trust, or this strange and absolute belief that what we see is real. You know for sure that your eyes can cheat you: a good optical illusion is an excellent proof.

So what if somebody could persuade you that what you see on the screen is "real"? could they trick you into clicking on something you would have never done before?
What if I told you that I could be watching you right now?  literally,  watching you.
Impossible? Watch this ...

In my eyes, this is one of the major security issue, the first one being Keyloggers
Keyloggers are programs that record every single keystroke or action on your computer.
From Password typed to Websites visited, they record everything silently.  It does not take long to realize that paying online, or visiting your bank website while keylogged could be more than disastrous for you.
Keyloggers are often installed via downloaded programs and as you grant access to this program with Admin Rights... you get the picture.

According to security Expert Dmitry Samosseiko FlashPlayer.dmg, HDTVPlayer3.5.dmg, MacTubePlayer.dmg, macvideo.dmg, play-video.dmg, Quicktime.dmg and  VideoCodec.dmg are often used to propagate such threats.
HDTVPlayer... hummm  sounds like an "encore"

The best you can do is to always ask yourself if you can fully trust that download or website.
Antivirus Programs for Mac exist, some are free, or have a 60 days free trial. You can always use the 60 days to scan thoroughly your system.
If like me you use Windows too (either on VM or Bootcamp), an updated Antivirus/Antimalware is mandatory.
Just keep an eye open and be safe...


  1. This is a very important article for all mac users to read up on. Do I feel vulnerable after reading this? A little bit but with the confidence that I can only become a victim if I don't play the overconfident card. Now I know what to look out for while using my mac and if I'm careful enough I should be pretty safe. Do I feel less secured using a mac? Absolutely a resounding NO!!! Ever since I moved to mac, going back to pc was like making out with every random stranger without protection! No offense to conservatives but you get my point. There's just way too much stuff you need not to worry about just for using a mac. And if the content of this article is all I have to worry about while using a mac, I'd consider it Heaven from a pc standpoint.

  2. Dear Anonymous,
    You are Right-On-The-Spot

    There is no perfect solution, but you can help yourself by "patching" the little loopholes that may leave you vulnerable.
    I have posted about free antivirus for Mac, RootKit Hunter, (safer) Passwords and Encrypting sensitive documents. You can find other materials, links and free stuff at:

    I try to warn and educate, but I am very pleased to see your comment.

    I was able to get a copy of the last Yahoo email hack, 30,000 Emails and passwords, and I was in shock and appalled by what I saw and the way they were collected.
    Scammers have a bright future...