The highest form of ignorance is when you reject something you don't know anything about.

Wayne Dyer (b 1940)

Best Free Applications for Mac OS X

Recover What Is Rightfully Yours
Prey is a MUST!  So, drop everything you are doing right now and install it.  And it's Free!
Prey can help you recover a stolen or lost computer.   I know... Now It's not the most important thing in your mind;   But If your laptop is stolen or lost, then it will rapidly become your best friend.  Furthermore,  Prey is becoming better by the hour: Keylogger in Dev, iPhone App, Multiplatform, MultiDevices. (Now available for Android Phone)  (Did I mention that Prey is Free?)  Prey is "Install & forget",  1 minute to save your life.   Tutorial here

Configure And Repair Your Mac The Way You Want.  In few clicks

Allows you to verify the Startup Disk and the structure of its System files, run tasks of system maintenance,  configure hidden parameters for: Finder, Dock, Dashboard, Exposé, Safari, Login window and some of Apple's own applications, it deletes caches, removes cache files and folders that may become cumbersome.  It also include possibilities such as changing the default setting of screenshots from .png to .jpg in one click. Onyx exists for Snow Leopard , Leopard , Tiger & Panther.

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