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Realtek Bounces for ever ....

Realtek USB WLAN Client Utility Troubleshooting

Issue:   Realtek Bounces but does not open
Probable cause:  Improperly installed /  Wrong configuration

* The Alfa AWUS036H is not "Hot Swap"

1) Plug your Alfa !

2)  Run Kali app
>> Run
>> Apply Changes
>> Load Card

Then Kali will self-diagnose the issue and try to find a fix.
If a fix is not found after the first attempt , use the button "Nuke it"

If the Nuke it does fix your issue, email us at the support email that was provided to you, we'll send you Kali to diagnose other issues.

Kali Doctor is reserved for Boni Fide Kali Owners:  Pls don't leave a comment to request it.



  1. mm I'm not sure what happened. Sorry if I happen to post twice. I'm wondering if you can post the link to the driver of AWUS036H in your post. I have it installed atm but I've lost the dmg file and don't know where I got it from.
    The kali package has the uninstaller but is missing the installer file.
    Your help is very much appreciated